“Anna Bo’s Dark Days is probably one of the saddest and at the same time vital things that can be heard in the Bulgarian music world, but that’s wonderful, isn’t it?”

Nikola Nikolov [TDK] for

“Its moods are a late sunset that fades to sable — stars emerging to dance in reborn, evanescent light patterned in hidden meanings. “Dark Days” is a mystical and driving drama and the propulsive title track to the most-recent EP from Sofia, Bulgaria’s Anna Bo”

The Autumn Roses

“Anna Bo’s new EP swirls between the pop and the avant-garde without settling in a comfort zone. In the same way it shows both her songwriting skills with a talent for reinterpretation. In fact, Dark Days brings enlightenment.”

Svetoslav Todorov [Indioteque]

“Despite her short set and little technical problems, she managed to win me as a new listener with her incredibly well written music, which reminds of some of the most known female performers from the alternative scene, without sounding like any of them.”

“Anna Bo, the Bulgarian Bjork, was in a metal band but plays the piano”

     The Sofia Echo

“Educated composer and pianist Anna Bo from Sofia, Bulgaria, is usually assigned to the Gothic genre. However, her debut album sounds pretty much like 80’s wave in a most pleasant way, reminding me somewhat of “XTC” and “Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls”. All of the six songs are crafted exceptionally well, based on delightfully interesting musical ideas, and its possible to play the album in a loop all day long without getting boring.”

Sven B. Schreiber (Bandcamp)

“Composed of some very spooky atmosphere, plenty of synthesizers and some really rather beautiful vocals, this is a very urban, very distant sounding record. It’s very difficult to place what’s happening where – you can muster up an image of a house in the middle of nowhere, a big battered warehouse in the middle of a collapsed society, dejected and forgotten, being used as some sort of terrific recording studio, a lady in her bedroom or something as simple somebody that little bit ‘different’ walking down the street. It’s all simultaneous. The thematics of the album and the respective tracks flow in and out in every song – and the imagery follows – it’s like one great big music video in your head.”

      Cat On The Wall – UK music and culture webzine

 “I didn’t know what to expect but I was instantly charmed by her mesmerizing voice. The whole EP is filled with pure, beautiful melancholia and imbued with the spirit of the 90s for which I totally love it. Add to that some really great instrumentals and you’ll get a truly one of a kind listening experience. ‘Songs Of The Melancholic Princess’ is available for free and I suggest you get it. Recommended!”

       Against The Odds – indie music blogкаталог суши

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