Anna Bo featured on Bandcamp Daily

Flattered to be featured on Bandcamp Daily’s article about the Bulgarian underground scene, amongst artists & bands like Kayno Yesno Slonce, Oratnitza, Cyberian. Written by Ashley Bardhan, the article takes a look at the local DIY scene, focusing on artists who are doing something unique with all the difficulties of living in a post-communist East-European country.

The part featuring Anna and “Dark Days” goes like this: “Anna Bocheva (aka Anna Bo) makes blustery, gothic synthwave—her last EP, Dark Days, sounds like the lost soundtrack to A Series of Unfortunate Events. Bocheva’s voice is thin and at times childlike, creeping in front of big power pop chords. Having attended the National Academy of Music in Sofia, Bocheva has been living in the capital for many years, but continues to be inspired by the city. “I like walking around in the time of the blue hour and taking pictures of this dystopian urban cityscape,” she said. “I can almost feel the spirit of the first punk and new wave bands from the late ’80s in the atmosphere.”

Read the whole article here:

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