Anna Bocheva is born in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria’s old medieval capitol.

Her father, prof. Ivan Bochev is a well-known Bulgarian graphic artist, and her mother is a pianist. Her grandfather was a multi-instrumentalist, conductor, composer and co-founder of the local opera house. She started playing piano around 5 and had her first award at 6. Growing up between her mother’s rehearsals with a soprano and female choir, her father’s studio and backstage at the opera house had a huge impact on her musical taste and forming as an artist.

Later on she started composing music and has been awarded by the Bulgarian Union of Composers, 2nd International Festival for Young Composers – Quito, Ecuador, 7th International Festival for Young Performers and Composers – Lodz, Poland. Anna has piano pieces published in the “Compositions of children from all over the world” print edition.

While studying in a Music School in Pleven, North Bulgaria, she played keyboards for the doom/black metal band Mortal Remains. As a student in the National Music Academy she worked with the tip of Sofia’s underground scene – including projects as Art Generation, Emil Valev, D2, Milena, Ostava, Alien Industry, Band Of Mad Women, Ambient Anarchist. Her first recorded song as a solo artist ‘Sister Of The Moon’ drew the media attention, and it was released in a compilation by “Rhythm” music magazine. Unfortunately, a further release became impossible at the time, due to unspoken censorship in the country towards artists, singing in English.

After a hiatus, brought by living abroad, Anna re-located in Sofia again in 2012 and started working in the field of sound design/ game audio. She graduated the National Arts Academy with MA in Digital Arts. Meanwhile she was approached by Proletkult Records (UK) and signed for the release of an EP. “Dark Days” was finally released on 12th December 2019.

Anna Bo played her first live gig in 15 years when she opened for the infamous no-wave star Lydia Lunch in August 2018, as part of the Alarma Punk Jazz Festival. Next year she supported the Brooklyn psych-blues singer Shilpa Ray (July, 2019) and Bad Seeds‘ legend Mick Harvey (October, 2019).